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Nate and I hope, however, that you will be taking some of these tips along to supplement the Lady’s efforts. You might be on a deer stand at dawn and hear something shuffling your way, breaking sticks, making noise. Sounds like another hunter, except . . oh yes . . there was this tip you heard somewhere. About bucks sometimes making noise instead of sneaking in. You keep watching . . and then raise your gun. Yes! Sometimes, just the right tip is all you need to have a great day. Good luck! —Lamar Underwood CHAPTER 1 White-tailed Deer Hunting 1.

Guess a Deer’s Sex by Analyzing Its Gait You can tell buck tracks from doe tracks more easily when tracking deer through the snow. Does place their feet with precision; bucks sway from side to side while walking, a rolling gait that often leaves drag marks in powder. Longer drag marks may mean you’ve found the trail of an older or heavier buck. 22. Let a Doe’s Ears Tell You When a Buck is Nearby When you encounter a single doe near your stand or while still-hunting during the rut, watch her ears.

Instead of a regular crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch (the standard human cadence), randomize the rhythm of your footsteps so that they form an erratic series of steps and pauses. Step, step, pause. Step. Pause. Wait. Step. Step. Step. Pause. And so on. You’ll be much more likely to surprise bucks within shooting range if you use this pattern. 116. The Best Clothing for Still-hunting Soft fabrics such as wool or fleece are far better still-hunting garments than noisy, hard fabrics such as canvas, denim, or nylon.

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