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121 digital tasks КНИГИ ;АППАРАТУРА Название: 121 digital initiatives Формат: PDF Размер: 12 MbCтраницы: sixty five Язык: English Сборник схем. Книга из серии МРБ.com. zero

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Resistivity deduced from current density and field measurements was interpreted as an effective collision frequency of lo9 sec-’. This was lo4 times larger than the coulomb collision frequency and lo3 times larger than the frequency of electron collisions with neutrals. Balakhanov et al. (85) recently reported an experiment on turbulent heating in a toroidal experiment similar to a Tokamak. A plasma of density lOI3 to lOI4 cm-3 was produced by an inductively coupled discharge in the torus. A heavy copper jacket with a gap cut in a plane containing the major radius and toroidal axis served the double purpose of stabilizing the plasma, and acting as a one turn coupling coil for the rf turbulent heating discharge (30 kV, 1 MHz).

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