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By Sara Maitland

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Big-Enough God is a booklet by means of Sara Maitland.

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On the contrary, he extends the concept of mother beyond the boundaries of biology. ’ For motherhood is without power, without honour, without authority in the world; so the servant God, who has come into the world to set the captives free, will empower motherhood, honour it, and authorize it as in heaven, so on earth. In God, in her Fatherhood, the fathers of this world are to be set at naught, stripped of their privileges and made into servants. They think they are mighty, but they will be put down from their seats by the God who is almighty, and the poor and the hungry, the humbled and the meek will be exalted.

The only ‘rules’ are that the three sources cannot be contradictory. However, although they can’t be contradictory they don’t necessarily have to be seamlessly coherent or compatible. Jesus is fully human and fully divine; these are incompatible but complementary (just as in relation to light, Niels Bohr and others have shown that wave-like and particle-like descriptions are incompatible but complementary) and in revelation are not contradictory. Although many of us have grown up gratefully with St Patrick’s clover-leaf image of the Trinity—three leaves making up one clover leaf—there is always room for some new imagery as well.

In the same way the idea that there can be any authority in a totally illogical, unreasoned, irrational mediation and interpretation—that the tradition is devoid of reason—is fairly senseless. Even more importantly perhaps, scientism (the view that the scientific method provides the key to total and absolute Truth in the same way that biblical fundamentalists hold that the Bible does) has stolen the meaning from the word reason. The seventeenth-century Anglican divines who saw reason as a source of revelation did not mean anything like the instrument of calculation, classification and systematization which the word usually signifies now.

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