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A Dictionary of Gnosticism is a scholarly but obtainable advisor that covers the folk, mythology, events, scripture, and technical phrases concerning this pre-Christian Western faith. It includes approximately 1700 entries, from Aachiaram, an angel within the 'Secret ebook of John to Zostrianos', a third-century Gnostic textual content, and is a competent reference for the Nag Hammadi library and different Gnostic texts. An creation explains who the Gnostics have been and offers a whirlwind travel throughout the historical past of this pleasing stream.

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2) The Apostolic Brethren or Apostolics were a *Franciscan-like Christian sect founded in northern Italy in 1260 by Gerard Segarelli, of Alzano in Parma. They believed that the church had been in decline since the time of the *apostles and were *restorationist, intending to restore the apostles’ way of living. They were declared heretical in 1287 and were strongly persecuted; most of the members were either imprisoned or burned. Some Apostolics later became *Cathars. apostolic succession: The doctrine that an uninterrupted line of transmission from one bishop to another can be traced back to the original *twelve disciples.

In the *Concept of Our Great Power, the reader is warned against the evil lusts and heresies of the Anomoeans; however, the text here is difficult and other interpretations maintain that the passage has nothing to do with the Anomoeans. Anosh/Anus: (*Mandaic, “man,” “mankind”) A *Mandaean *savior figure, one of the eternal *uthras who has descended into the world of *darkness. Also one of the three sons of the spiritual *Adam and *Eve, along with *Hibil and *Sitil, and in the *Diwan *Abathur one of *Ptahil’s seven sons.

11 ainon Ainon: In the *Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit, a name for the thrice-*male child. Ainos: (“praise”) According to the *Valentinian system in *Tertullian’s *Against the Valentinians, an *aeon emanated from *Anthropos and *Ecclesia, who is paired in a *syzygy with *Synesis. Akembes: According to *Hippolytus, one of the founders, together with *Euphrates, of the *Peratae Gnostic sect. Nothing else is known of him. Akhana: (“love”) According to the *Valentinian system in *Tertullian’s *Against the Valentinians, one of the *ogdoad, paired in a *syzygy with *Caen.

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