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By Sálim Ali

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For ornithologists, common heritage fans, environmentalists, and beginner birdwatchers, this revised variation of a 1983 e-book is vital because the in simple terms single-volume advisor on hand of birds in India. not like related books, which basically hide one quarter or even then just a small component of species of their quarter, this quantity contains all of the chook species present in the Indian subcontinent, proven in over a hundred colour plates from famous American chicken painter John Henry Dick. The plates were prepared through relatives in systematic order, and the writer offers concise details relating prestige, dimension, habitat, and distribution.

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Psarodes of 819 HIMALAYAN GOLDENBACKED THREETOED WOODPECKER Dinopium shorii INDIAN GOLDENBACKED THREETOED WOODPECKER Dinopirrm javanense PALEHEADED WOODPECKER Gecinulus grantia HIMALAYAN GREAT SLATY WOODPECKER Mulleripicus pulverulenrus INDIAN GREAT BLACK WOODPECKER Dryocopus javensis Ssp. hodgei of 830 RUFOUSBELLIED WOODPECKER or SAPSUCKER Hypopicus hyperythrus GREAT SPOTTED or REDCROWNED PIED WOODPECKER Picoides major SIND PIED WOODPECKER Picoides assirnilis Ssp. albescens of 837 HIMALAYAN PIED WOODPECKER Picoides himalayensis DARJEELING PIED WOODPECKER Picoides darjellensis CRIMSONBREASTED PIED WOODPECKER Picoides cathpharius Plate 62( 1) 61(2) 61(5) 62(14) 626) Plate 863.

MANDELLI'S SNOW FINCH Montifn'ngilla taczanowskii REDNECKED SNOW FINCH MontiJringilla ruficollis BLANFORD'S SNOW FINCH Montifringilla blanfordi PERE DAVID'S SNOW FINCH Montifn'ngilla davidiana SAXAUL SPARROW Passer ammodendri BARTAILED SNOW FINCH MontiJringilla theresae lOO(14) lOO(16) lOO(10) lOO(11) 99(1) lOO(18) Subfamily PLOCEINAE: Weaver Birds, Bayas 1957. 1959. 1960. 1961. 1962. BAYA Ploceus philippinus Ssp. burmanicus of 1957 FINN'S BAYA Ploceus megarhynchus BLACKTHROATED WEAVER BIRD Ploceus benghalensis STREAKED WEAVER BIRD Ploceus manyar Plate 99(13) 99(14) 99(11) 99(10) 99(12) Subfamily ESTRILDINAE: Avadavat, Munias Plate 1964.

Wings rounded; tail short and squarc or long, slender and graduated. Sexes dimorphic. Feed largely on insects. Usually tame and confiding. Ncst, a conspicuous purse-like structure suspended from a branch with no attempt at concealment. Eggs, 1-5. 864. 865. COLLARED BROADBILL Serilophus lunarus LONGTAILED BROADBILL Psarisomrrs dalhousiae Plate 630) 63(1) Family PI'ITIDAE: Pittas Plump. solitary birds, largely terrestrial and generally brighlly coloured. Neck short. Bill strong and slighlly curved.

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