Abc's Of Positive Training by Miriam Fields-Babineau PDF

By Miriam Fields-Babineau

ISBN-10: 1593785941

ISBN-13: 9781593785949

From dog to senior - and each degree of existence in among - Positive-Training sequence books provide fanciers savvy recommendation immediately from the specialists.

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Otherwise, he would correlate the action of getting up with his reward and you’d have a dog who has learned to not sit. The bridge and following reward need to be done at the very second that the dog does what you’ve asked of him. It’s the rare dog who is not motivated by food, although it does happen. Most dogs have a good food drive and will perform for a tasty reward. Another factor to consider is the value of the reward. Dogs differ in the values they have regarding what motivates them. Some are happy with a touch or kind words, while others need pieces of hot dog or liver.

You will want to have your treat pouch and clicker handy during all training sessions. To teach targeting on a stick, lay the tip of the target stick on or very close to a treat. Now that Peanut will touch the target stick, you can begin teaching him to touch other objects on command. Pick an object, such as a specific toy, the Alley Oop or a spot on a fence. ” As your dog has learned to touch the tip of the target stick, regardless of its location, he will go to touch it. When he does so, he’ll be touching both the target you chose and the stick.

ESCAPE Trying to avoid a stimulus. Example: A dog that has learned that a certain object can bring either great pain or anxiety will remain away from that object. EXTINCTION/EXTINGUISH To get rid of a behavior. FIXED INTERVAL A fixed amount of time after which a reward will be given. FIXED RATIO A specific amount of correct responses after which a reward will be given. FORCE-TRAINED The dog’s being pulled or otherwise made to perform without being given a chance to make the correct choice. HEAD HALTER A training tool worn on the dog’s head, much like a horse’s halter (not a bridle, for there is no bit).

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