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When Vas = 0). For a depletion-mode JFET , this term reflects a maximum drain current. Possibly a more accurate concept would identify lnss as the point of intersection where the triode and pentode output characteri stics meet, at a drain voltage equal to Vp. Depletion-Mode MOSFET An unusual characteristic of the depletion -mode MOSFET is that once we have achieved a zero-biased drain current Clnss), we can continue raising our gate bias (passing the gate polarity through the zero crossing) and witness a drain current that exceeds IDSS!

24 defines the term s, definitions, and letter symbols for power MOSFETs . Appendix B Military Standard MIL- STD-750C provides detailed testing procedures for all discrete semiconductors. The methods specifically pertaining to power MOSFETs include th e following. Environmental tests ( 1000 series) Mechanical characteristics tests ( 2000 series) Circuit performan ce and thermal resistance measurements ( 3100 series) 3141 3161 Thermal :t'esponse time Thermal impedance measurements for vertical power MOSFETs (delta source-drain voltage method) Electrical characteristics tests for field-effect transistors ( 3400 series) 3401 Breakdown voltage, gate to source 3403 Gate-to-source voltage or current 3404 MOSFET threshold voltage 3405 Drain-to-source ON-state voltage 3407 Breakdown voltage, drain to source 3411 Gate c urrent 3413 Drain current 3415 Drain reverse-current 3421 Static drain-to-source ON - state resistance 3459 Pulse response 3470 Unclamped inductive switching 34 71 Gate charge 3472 Switching time test 3473 Reverse recovery time 3474 Safe operating area 3475 Forward transconductance, pulsed d-e method 3476 Diode recovery dv/dt Interpreting the Symbols References Joint Electron Device Engineering Coun cil ( JEDEC).

2. 2 V (BR)GSS to Source Avalanche Breakdown , Cote VGS=-4V With drain tied to source, V(BR)GSS (forme~ly. BVass> clearly identifies the avalanche breakdown character1st1cs of a symmet rically diffused JFET. Breakdown occurs in th e gate- drain I source depletion regions. 3. Additionally-and this is generally universal among semlconductors--the effects of junction (depletion-layer) curvature play a major role in the breakdown voltage. The shallowe r the diffusion. the greater the curvature and the lower the breakdown voltage .

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