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By Gerald G. May

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Take my attachment to money as an example. To put it mildly, I have felt the need for more money at a number of points in my life. With time and work, I made more money. But then I adjusted to my improved standard of living, and I began to feel the need for still more. The essential dynamic of tolerance, then, is that one becomes used to a certain amount of something, and this accustomedness removes the desired effect and leads to the need for more. Withdrawal Symptoms Two types of withdrawal symptoms are experienced when an addictive behavior is curtailed.

But since hiding the truth from oneself is no longer as effective, it becomes increasingly important to hide it from other people. Now the addictive behavior becomes more secre- 46 / Addiction and Grace tive; the person may hide bottles and consciously lie. In addition to self-alienation, he experiences a growing isolation from other people. There is a sense of harboring a dark secret, the revelation of which would be unbearable. Although self-esteem has been being subtly eroded all along in this process, now a depressive, guilty, self-disparaging atmosphere pervades nearly everything the person does.

But all of our addictions, even our nonsubstance addictions, share similar dynamics. And the most serious of our nonsubstance addictions even share a similarly ominous potential. Addiction to power, money, or relationships can drive people to distort reality just as much as can addiction to alcohol or narcotics. Collusion The mind tricks of addiction share yet another quality: they are contagious. No matter how much it may be kept hidden, addiction is never a completely individual thing. From the very first stages of the attachment process, other people are involved.

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