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In general, when nutrition restriction is delayed (after the age of weaning), there is less life-span extension (Ross 1961, 1976, Young 1978). A rough correlation has also been found showing that the slower the rate of development obtained by restricted nutrition, the longer the animal lives. Important exceptions to this rule are known: for example, intermittent fasting (fasting and ad libitum feeding every other day) increases life-span without substantially slowing down rate of development (Carlson and Hoelzel 1946, Gerbase-DeLima et al.

1967) A Handbook of Living Primates. New York: Academic Press. Nass, G. G. (1977) Intra-group variations in the dental eruption sequence of Macaca fuscata fuscata. Folia Primatologica 28:306-314. Owsley, D. , and Bass, W. M. (1979) A demographic analysis of skeletons from the Larson Site, (39WW2) Walworth County, South Dakota: Vital statistics. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 51:145-154. Sarich, V. , and Cronin, J. E. (1976) Molecular systematics of the primates. In M. Goodman and R.

BIOLOGY OF GENERAL HEALTH MAINTENANCE: A UNIQUE ROLE FOR BIOLOGICAL GERONTOLOGY The aging process probably affects every physiological and mental function of an organism, and the complexity of aging is likely to equal the complexity of the developmental processes that initially created the 3. LIFE-SPAN EXTENSION 37 organism. It is therefore becoming evident that even the complete elimination of the major causes of death today, which is the major aim of medical science, would have little impact on prolonging uniform health or even the mean life-span (Goldschmidt and Jillson 1975, Medical World News 1977, Gerjouy 1979).

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