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The pioneering paintings of Dr. Koki Horikoshi at the discovery, study and purposes of alkaliphilic micro organism are defined the following of their entirety. The isolation, distribution and taxonomy of alkaliphilic microorganisms in addition to their phone constitution and body structure are mentioned for a uncomplicated knowing of those entities. The molecular biology and genome sequencing of a few alkaliphilic bacterial traces also are presented.

Part II of the quantity specializes in enzymes of alkaliphiles and their purposes. those comprise alkaline proteases, starch-degrading enzymes and various others. a few of these enzymes are presently in large advertisement use as laundry detergent ingredients and in wastewater treatment.

Alkaliphiles are a comparatively contemporary box of study that may doubtless supply avenues to quite a lot of extra discoveries and functions for a brand new iteration of staff in bioscience and technology.

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Although it is premature to discuss 46 4 Physiologv' 30 45 Time (mi n) 90 60 100 I = 90 - i 80 - 1 70 - 0 60 - 5 50 - 5 B *- 7^^ •--* « ^ •Ar-Ar A A- 40- ^ ^ "* ^ A A A A A , 30 30 45 Time (mill) 60 , 90 •*^***cts 30 Fig. 6 45 Time(min) 60 90 Germination of spores from B. pseudofmnus OF4 wild t\'pe and orf9 mutant strains. (A) Germination of B. pseudofimius OF4 wild type in 200 mM NaCl(triangles), 200 mM NaCl plus 10 mM L-alanine(squares), and 200 mM NaCl plus 10 mM inosine(circles). (B) Germination in 200 mM Na(^I and 10 mM inosine of B.

Then they made several mutants from wild B. halodurans C-125 (Aono et al. 1994; 1995). One of them, C125-90 did not have pig in the cell walls and its growth in alkaline media was very poor. Aono et al. (1999) cloned tupA gene capable of restoring pig production and high alkali-tolerant growth (Fig. 6). Their results demonstrate that the acidic polymer plays a role in pH homeostasis in B. halodurans C-125. 34 3 Cell Structure Cytoplasmic membrane Cell wall Peptidoglycan Teichuronic acid (TUA) GalU, GlcU, FucNac Poly-y-L-glutamic acid (Pig) Fig.

5 U. Y-23 '^;:^^^^^^^ \ V \ \ «\ >^ ^^^/\i\/\ vvVVVV N TUA /\/\ A <^ <^ /^ <^ AI Pig Bacillus halodurans A-59 Bacillus hemicellulosilyticus C-U E H I P ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Pig r vVVVVVji r VVVVVVJI v V V v V v •« Fig. 7 Cell surface model of some alkaliphilic Bacillus strains. TUA, teichuronic acid; Pig, poly-y-L-glutamic acid. liphilic B. halodurans and contribute to the regulation of pH homeostasis in the cytoplasm. D. Non-peptidoglycan of o t h e r bacteria To obtain further information on group 2 cell walls of alkaliphilic Bacillus strains were prepared from four B.

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