Download PDF by George Marbach, Bernard Tourte, Melanie Alspaugh: Alpine Caving Techniques

By George Marbach, Bernard Tourte, Melanie Alspaugh

ISBN-10: 3908495105

ISBN-13: 9783908495109

Translated and tailored from the French by means of Melanie Alspaugh 2002, Speleo tasks, structure 17 x 25cm, hardbound English, with illustrations, 320 Pages ISBN 3-908495-10-5 Nonfiction caving, rescue and vertical options manual.

The long-awaited English version of the vintage French handbook, a definitive resource for vertical and horizontal caving options between cavers world wide, is now translated and up to date from the 3rd French variation (2000). whereas it emphasizes vertical caving and rigging practices, it additionally provides new and thorough discussions on many different features of cave exploration together with: apparatus requisites and use, education, nutrition, and psychological overall healthiness, traveling successfully in the course of the cave, off and on rope, systematic prospection tools, emergency self and small-party rescue.

Whether you cave on or off rope, within the excessive mountains or within the equatorial jungle, as a speleo-tourist or a hardcore explorer, this e-book offers crucial info on tips on how to optimize your potency and make sure your final security within the tough setting of vertical caves.

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At some distance down the rope, add a half hitch around the object, as shown in the photograph. 51 moving hitches Killick Hitch: Step 1 Double Overhand Knot A compact stopper for small- to large-diameter cord or line. Not only a simple and useful stopper knot, the double overhand works in all sizes of material, from thin thread to thick cord. It shows up as a basis for other knots, including bends, and can be tied in the end of lines to prevent fraying. It is an essential knot to know. As the knot begins to tighten, twist both ends of the knot in opposite directions with your fingers.

43 stationary hitches Bull Hitch: Step 3 Transom Knot A useful knot for tying together two crossed pieces of rigid material. from which gear may be hung or to which the high end of a tarp may be attached for shelter. Survival courses often include this knot as a means to aid in the construction of primitive shelters. It works well in light cord to bind together light pieces of wood, such Transom Knot: Step 1 Transom Knot: Step 2 With the working end of the rope, make a loop around the vertical piece of rigid material.

More trustworthy variations of the bowline, such as the double bowline (see page 66) and the triple bowline (see page 68), are also covered in this book. Originally the bowline was used to secure a ship’s square sail forward, and closer to the wind. It was mentioned in The Seaman’s Dictionary of 1644. Bowline: Step 4 Adjust the main loop to the required size and tighten the knot. Finish with an overhand stopper (see page 18) to add security to the bowline. Loops Bowline: Step 3 Red light The bowline reduces the strength of a line or cord by as much as 40 percent.

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