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In viewing a masterpIece fro~ many angles, from countless aspects, you will not only see beyond It but you will also come to know yourself. yo~r~elf what you are looking for, and where and when. You are an IndIVIdual and your individuality is to be greatly treasured. 56 But contemporary music still worries you? you are still worried by the seeming lack of musical fonn? Have you ever tried musing in front of a flickering coal fire? The coals fonn fascinating, grotesque shapes, some fiery red, some sullen black.

But you may easily get the wrong impression from what I am saying here. You may quite rightly say that indi viduality and inner conviction in the world outside the arts can so easily become corruption by dictatorship, persecution by puritanism, and lead to rampant hypocrisy. Outside the arts, perhaps . . but can great music dictate , persecute and show hypocrisy? . that is a point we might well muse upon sometimes. A nd now there is another complaint you may make. You may complain about my phrase 'when the composer has sufficient strength of character to control his forces by his own individuality' .

The solo violin can seem stark and naked, while the twenty violins in unison seem warm and rich- the addition of variants has made stark reality more acceptable. Maybe we could take this musical analogy further and point out that the addition of wider variants will make the reality even more acceptable, for if the musical phrase is harmonised, integrated in a polyphonic structure, or developed in other ways, it will be heard from many 'angles' . According to these analogies it seems that a worrying thought could be made less obtrusive, less stark, if it is 'worked out' in the reality of words or actions, examined from all angles and combined with variants (or 'harnlOnisations') of itself.

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