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The uncertainty influences also other factors, such as nonlinearity, hysteresis, zero drift, and resolution. If these uncertainties are not specified, then we can assume that they are included in the whole uncertainty declared by manufacturer. Often the manufacturers inform about these errors as the additional errors. Fig. 20 presents the graphical illustration of typical errors of signal processing. The sensitivity error is generally related to the change of amplification, mostly due to the change of temperature, but also due to aging of the elements.

PRINCIPLES OF ELECTRICAL MEASUREMENTS 34 This example demonstrates that the uncertainty we should interpret widely. The measurement is most of all the technique bringing us the information about surrounding world and we cannot see it only through the accuracy of measuring instruments and methods. 2 Basic statistical terms and concepts Consider the case when we perform a series of measurements and we obtain certain number of results in form of a table or a graph presented in Fig. 11. 11. An example of the presentation of the measuring results in form a graph We can easily analyze such set of results constructing histogram.

8. The example of the circuit used to the measurement of the current We can also take into account the correction when our measuring method exhibits error but we are able to determine it. For example, Fig. 8 presents a circuit with a resistor R supplied by a source E with the internal resistance Rw. The ammeter is used to determine the current I. 10) But the ammeter exhibits internal resistance RA. 12) We can remove this error and correct the result of measurement but only if we know all the resistances.

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