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Information on 40-50 animals universal to every quarter.

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In fact, shrews consume more than their own body weight in food on a daily basis. Shrews' constant and aggressive quest for food makes their tracks, in general, fairly easy to identify. The animals move around with more single-minded purpose than mice or voles, usually in series of short hops in which the rear feet fall over the tracks of the front feet; the tails often drag, leaving the distinctive pattern shown, usually less than an inch in width. When individual impressions are more distinct, you may notice that shrews have five toes on both fore- and hind feet (most micelike creatures have four toes on the forefeet).

Turtles sometimes leave similar trails, but a turtle with the same size feet as a lizard would usually leave a wider trail. The straddle and gait of lizards vary widely depending on their size, of course; the illustration represents a lizard of about 8 inches, nose to tail tip. Page 41 Lizard life size in sand Page 42 Snakes Order: Squamata There are 115 species of snakes living in North America, 19 of which are poisonous. They vary in length from 6 inches to nearly 9 feet. Many species of snakes in a variety of sizes and colors live in various habitats of Southern California, including most of the poisonous snakes of North America: the large, aggressive and quite poisonous western diamondback rattlesnake as well as ten other rattlesnake species, including the sidewinder.

Use this book as a guide, but anticipate a lot of variations. Page 8 In attempting to identify tracks, remember that their size can vary greatly depending on the type of ground surfacesand that is loose or firm, wet or dry; a thin layer of mud over hard earth; deep soft mud; various lightly frozen surfaces; firm or loose dirt; dry or moist snow; a dusting of snow or frost over various surfaces; and so on. Note the surface from which the illustrations are taken and interpret what you find in nature accordingly.

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