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Since it always had been Alexander’s declared intent to conquer the “known world” – which ended somewhere east of India during his age –, he then set his sights on the Indian subcontinent. Initially he was able to sway one of the Indian rulers to put himself under Alexander’s rule and decimate those tribes that refused to join him, but soon after his march into India slowed. The Greek was still able to beat the Punjabi ruler Porus in the famous Battle of Hydaspes, but due to the mutiny of his army, who refused to engage the large armies of the Nanda Empire after having fought hard in the last battle, he had to give up on his plan and returned to Persia.

12, 21) The Romans, jealous of the power of their rivals, commenced the third Punic war with the determination that it should end only with the total ruin and destruction of their beautiful city. No words can express the terror and dismay which filled the hearts of the people of Carthage, when they learned the immovable determination of the Romans to destroy their city. As they had delivered all their weapons to the Romans they now applied themselves to the making of arms with incredible dexterity and expedition.

Alexander was still planning to continue his campaigns when he returned, but was never able to implement any of those plans as he died in Babylon, either because of an illness or possibly after being poisoned. After a short period of stability, his empire erupted in a succession war that lasted forty years and ended Alexander’s dream of the largest empire of the known world. The Alexander Mosaic, from the House of the Faun in Pompeii, c. 150-100 BCE. Mosaic, 582 x 313 cm. Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples.

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