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By R. M. Goody, Y. L. Yung

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A whole revision of Goody's vintage 1964 paintings, this quantity deals a scientific dialogue of atmospheric radiation methods that this day are on the heart of globally examine and drawback. It offers with the ways that incident sun radiation is remodeled into scattered and thermal radiation, and the thermodynamic effects for the Earth's gaseous envelope, making a choice on facets of the interplay among radiation and atmospheric motions because the relevant topic for atmospheric radiation stories. As an entire remedy of actual and mathematical foundations, the textual content assumes no past wisdom of atmospheric physics. The theoretical dialogue is systematic, and will accordingly be utilized with minor extension to any planetary surroundings.

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3. Thermal equilibrium can be denned in terms of Boltzmann's law for the distribution of molecules between two states (1 and 2), where the n's are state populations, the g's are statistical weights, and the E's are energies; v1|2 is, by Planck's quantum relationship, the frequency of a photon absorbed or emitted during a radiative transition between the two states, and h and k are Planck's and Boltzmann's constants. 45) leads to Maxwell's distribution of molecular velocities. 45) is obeyed for all energy states, regardless of their nature and throughout the medium.

The magnitude of rj/(p at 1 bar is a critical parameter. 74s. An estimate of the collisional relaxation time at 1 bar and 180 K is 25 ,us. rj/0 is approximately unity at a pressure of 34 dyne arT2, occurring 76 km above the earth's surface. 3. , that rotational relaxation takes place at the lower pressure. Before doing so, however, we briefly consider electronic transitions. Permitted electronic transitions have a radiative lifetime of the order of 10~8 s. //0»10 2 , and only resonant scattering can be expected.

The energy flux across dnd, integrated over all s directions is, from the definitions of IV(P, s) and FVid(P), or where the integral extends over all solid angles. 4) is the transformation law for the components of the vector 18 ATMOSPHERIC RADIATION The sun's disk subtends, on the average, an angle of 32' at the earth's surface; for most practical purposes sunlight can be regarded as a parallel beam of radiation. The above definition of intensity is unnecessarily general for this case. Let us suppose that the sun's direction is that of the vector s®, and let its disk subtend a solid angle dco& at the earth.

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