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Exhibits a few symptoms of damage, and should have a few markings at the inside of. a hundred% a refund warrantly.

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I came to hate him with a violence which, in retrospect, I can my On one occasion, in an access of fury, I got hands on his throat and started to strangle him. I intended hardly understand. him, but when he began to grow livid, I relented. I do not think he knew that I had intended murder. After this, we re- to kill mained good friends throughout his time at Cambridge, which, however, ended with his marriage at the end of his second year. fairly had been getting more and more out of sympathy with my people.

Nevertheless, Frere came to live at Wimbledon, she took [28] when me to Sir Bartle see him, and I Childhood observed that she did not treat him as a monster. very difficult to I found this understand. My grandmother used to read aloud to me, chiefly the stories Maria Edgeworth. There was one story in the book, called "The False Key," which she said was not a very nice story, and of she would therefore not read it to me. I read the whole story, a sentence at a time, in the course of bringing the book from the grandmother.

Instead of buttoning down before, buttoned up behind. It I soon realized that was my only chance of escape from, their atten- remain imperturbably good-humoured. After a term or two, another teasable boy arrived, who had the added merit of losing his temper. This caused them to let me alone. tions to Gradually, also, I got used to their conversation and ceased to be shocked by There was and I used I remained, however, profoundly unhappy. a footpath leading across fields to New Southgate, to it.

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