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By Jeffrey H. Miller

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This quantity collates in a single resource technique for in vivo genetic engineering and for genetic research in quite a lot of micro organism. not just is Escherichia coli good lined, yet so are different rising bacterial structures

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B. Konrad and I. R. Lehman, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. A. 71, 2048 (1974). 45 M. Syvanen, J. D. Hopkins, and M. Clements, J. Mol. Biol. 158, 203 (1982). 46 j. Lopes, S. Gottfried, and L. Rothfield, J. Bacteriol. 1119, 520 (1972). Escherichia coli AND Salmonella typhimurium 18 [2] growth medium was a concentration of RNA sufficient to lend a cloudy appearance to the plates. Mutant colonies which export the ribonuclease will degrade the RNA in the surrounding medium, giving a "halo" of clearing around the colonies.

The deletions can recombine at low frequency to give Lac ÷ derivatives. When such a strain is mutagenized and then examined on lactose-tetrazolium agar, papillating colonies are ones in which an increase in recombination frequency leads to an increase in the number of Lac + bacteria within a colony. The bgl operon of E. coli codes for proteins required for fl-glucoside utilization. Ordinarily, however, this operon is cryptic. It can be turned on by the insertion of IS elements in sites near the promoter region.

Coli chromosome are shown in Table III. The major difference between the two classes of lysate is the elevated transduction frequencies in the lysates prepared by induction for markers present on both sides of the resident prophage. The effect extends for about 10 rain from the prophage in either direction and was observed for lysogens in which the prophage was at the normal bacterial attB site (16 min on the E. coli map) or at the bacterial loxB site (68 min on the E. coli map). As noted previously we believe that this effect is due to h-mediated replication of adjacent chromosomal sequences following prophage induction.

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