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By Péter Hraskó

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This short provides a brand new method of introducing relativity conception, within which complicated relativistic results corresponding to time dilation and Lorentz contraction are defined sooner than the dialogue of Lorentz-transformation. The suggestion of relativistic mass is proven to contradict the spirit of relativity idea and the real importance of the mass-energy relation is contrasted with the preferred view of it. the writer discusses the dual paradox from the viewpoint of either siblings. final yet now not least, the basics of normal relativity are defined, together with the hot Gravity Probe B experiment.

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Since x-axis (the line t ¼ 0) and the x0 -axis (t0 ¼ 0) are built up of simultaneous events in M2 and M02 respectively, they cannot coincide with each other. 7) we obtain that the x0 axis is indeed different from the x-axis, its equation in unprimed coordinates being ct ¼ ðV =cÞ Á x: This line passes through the origin and, as it can be easily shown, makes the same angle b with the x-axis (in counterclockwise direction) which is made by the two time axes with each other. Let us discuss now the scales on the primed and unprimed axes.

5b a particle of mass M is oscillating along a frictionless surface under the influence of a pair of springs. In the box on the left the particle is at rest in its equilibrium position. Again, the right box which 13 Unwanted effects of angular momentum may be excluded by using a pair of rods, rotating in opposite sense. 10 The Rest Energy: The E0 = mc2 Formula 25 contains the oscillating particle is heavier than the other, its weight being greater by an amount of gðK þ U À Mc2 Þ. Here U is the elastic energy of the springs.

Since Ds2 is invariant, the type of a given pair is the same with respect to all the inertial frames. Let the events be denoted by Ea and Eb and assume that in the inertial frame I chosen Ea precedes Eb : Dt ¼ tb À ta [ 0 (and Dx ¼ xb À xa ). For the sake of simplicity we assume that Dy ¼ Dz ¼ 0: 1. When Ds2 ¼ 0 the pair is called lightlike, because Ea and Eb can be mediated by light pulse. Indeed, since Ds2 ¼ c2 Dt2 À Dl2 ; for Ds2 ¼ 0 we have Dt ¼ Dl=c: 2. If Ds2 [ 0 the events are timelike. For timelike pairs (and only for them) an inertial frame I 0 is always found in which the events happen at the same place.

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