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By Kirill A Bronnikov

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Assuming foundational wisdom of particular and common relativity, this ebook publications the reader on concerns surrounding black holes, wormholes, cosmology, and additional dimensions. Its first half is dedicated to neighborhood robust box configurations (black holes and wormholes) as a rule relativity and the main proper of different theories: scalar-tensor, f(R) and multidimensional theories. the second one half is on cosmology, together with inflation and a unified description of the total evolution of the universe. The 3rd half matters multidimensional theories of gravity and includes a variety of unique effects bought by means of the authors. Expository paintings is carried out for a mechanism of symmetries and primary constants formation, whereas the unique method of nonlinear multidimensional gravity that's capable of build a special point of view describing diversified phenomena is highlighted.

a lot of the content material is new in e-book courses, since it used to be formerly came upon in basic terms in magazine guides, e.g. concerning usual black holes, a variety of scalar box ideas, wormholes and their balance, and multidimensional gravity.

Readership: scholars and execs in astrophysics/cosmology.

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It is only clear that its total mass is larger than that of baryons, the particles that form stars, by approximately a factor of five. A discovery of fundamental significance was made in 1998. It was discovered that our Universe is expanding not with a deceleration, as had been believed before, but with an acceleration. In the framework of GR it can only be explained by that the main part of the energy density is not concentrated in baryons or even dark matter but in some strange form of matter possessing a large negative pressure.

Hubble’s discovery. He found that the numerous nebulae, which looked on the photographs as small spots of unclear origin, are galaxies located millions of light years from our Milky Way Galaxy. It also turned out that these galaxies fly away from ours, leading to the conclusion that the whole Universe is expanding and hence there has been some time in the past when the Universe was born. Further studies have confirmed this conjecture. The abundance of helium and the existence of the CMB, discovered in 1965, also indicated that the primordial Universe consisted of a very hot plasma.

It is therefore reasonable to explain in which sense we shall use these notions. In this discussion, we will mostly follow the books [406, 437, 438]. To begin with, omitting a number of mathematical details, we can say that a Riemannian space (or space-time) is a differentiable manifold of arbitrary dimension D equipped with a metric gµν of arbitrary signature. If it is positive-definite [the signature (+ + . . +)], the space is called proper Riemannian, in other cases it is called pseudo-Riemannian, but the prefix “pseudo” is often omitted.

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